International Child Health Network
How to use the International Child Health Network

The ICHN can be used in two different ways:

1. Search it yourself!

You can search the network yourself to identify collaborators with particular interests and skills. To do so, simply log in and select “Search the Network.” You will then be asked to select characteristics of network members that are most important to you. Specifically, you can search the network for those who have a specific country of interest, language skill, and/or profession. The search engine will then quickly identify potential collaborators who meet all of your requested criteria. When the search identifies a network member who you think might be a good collaborator, feel free to email them, introduce yourself, mention that you obtained their name from the ICHN, and begin your collaboration!

2. Work through a Country Coordinator!

You can identify collaborators and/or opportunities through a Country Coordinator. Each country around the world has a designated Country Coordinator who has experience living or working in that country. The Country Coordinator generally has meaningful knowledge and contacts that can be of use to you. To identify and contact the Country Coordinator for your country of interest, simply log in and select “Contact a Country Coordinator.” You will be presented with the list of Country Coordinators and their contact information. Once you email the Country Coordinator and introduce yourself, they will happily provide whatever assistance or guidance you require!

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